Environmental Living Program

Fort Ross Environmental Living Program welcomes a new addition to the curriculum, Fort Ross Virtual Warehouse program, (FRVW). The program is a 3D web based interactive platform and allows exploration of Fort Ross virtually as a standalone application in class room settings with teacher supervision. Parents and students are welcomed to download a separate version from the classroom and use the program for a private session.

Challenges and Rewards featured in FRVW are introduced based on the ELP Manual's new addition of the Magazine curriculum. Enjoy this new virtual pre-learning experience based on the duties performed by the Clerk in the Warehouse during the historic re-enactment period of 1820!

The curriculum specific to the Warehouse was initiated with the commencement of the reconstruction of one of the original Magazines at Fort Ross in 2012. Come to Fort Ross and see the reconstructed building and bring your "Certificate of Completion" rewarded at the end of the FRVW program. Special rewards might be offered by Teachers or Parents for participating in the pre-learning lessons before the ELP weekend event. For more details about the ELP weekend see contact information below.


Proceeds go toward future releases and improvements to FRVW program and the Environmental Living Program.

Verify Best Performance Computer Specifications

For more details and a preview to the FRVW program, go to iPhone or Android Stores and download the mobile application for Fort Ross SHP.

Contact: fortross.interp@parks.ca.gov